Reiki Services

All reiki services are free for those dealing with cancer.
 more info:  Project Free Reiki 4 Cancer

How Is Reiki Administered?

Huntington Beach Reiki has specially trained and certified practitioners. The practitioner’s hands are placed above or on the body and "healing energy" is transmitted. The practitioner will have you lie on a table. The room will be very relaxing with music and aromatherapy. You will remain fully clothed during the entire session. Many people report feeling a sense of warmth and relaxation during Reiki sessions. Reiki sessions generally last for about 55-60 minutes each. Reiki provides the same benefits as traditional massage. All you need to do is relax and enjoy the healing. Afterwards we will take time to talk about your session.

Reiki sessions include:

Some reflexology

Balance energy centers (chakras, 3 diamonds) Chakra tuning forks used 

Clear energy lines

Clear and balance aura

Cut cords

Seal all rips, tears, and cracks in aura

Blood circulation technique

Align hips and pelvis

Align occipital ridge

Heal and clear Karmic issues

DNA healing

Birth trauma

Crystalline Reiki

Past life healing

Your session will end with some Drumming to clear and empower your energy.

All Reiki Services offered for a donation.  The usual donation range for a private session is $50-$85. Donations help those dealing with cancer.  Thank you for helping.


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