Request A Distant Healing

Don't have time for an in-person session or you don't live in Southern California. Try a distant healing session. I will send Reiki to you and all concerned. You will see results and improvements. If more healing is needed, let me know and I will send more.


Reiki healing can be done from a distance - you don’t need to leave your home, you can still be productive and it does not interfere with your daily life. Because healing energies are channeled on a spiritual plane, Reiki practitioners can channel the healing energies to a recipient that’s halfway around the world.

Distant Reiki Healing treatments are just as effective as in-person healing sessions


Experiences during or after a Reiki distant treatment

Experiences during or after a distant Reiki treatment can vary for each person. Here are a few examples. You may experience any or none of the following:

Feelings of peace, serenity, calmness and/or relaxation
Feeling energetic
Feeling lighter
Euphoria (happiness, laughing, and/or positive thinking)
Spiritual awareness
Release of suppressed/buried feelings, emotions, and/or blockages
Release of toxins that can trigger sweating and/or excessive thirst
What you may experience is not limited to this list.


Anything you experience is normal. Some people may not experience anything at all, this is also normal. It can mean that the Reiki healing energy is working on a different level of your body. Some people may start noticing a difference the next day, few days later, or even a week later. Some people are more sensitive than others but everybody receives the same healing benefit. As long as you accept and are open to the Reiki healing energy being sent to you, it will work!

You can just go about your daily life, as usual. Just simply say the affirmation "I accept and I’m open to the Reiki healing energy being sent to me" so you are open and receptive to the healing energy I send you. That’s it!


All I need is your name, city you live in, and problem needing Reiki. I will send Reiki to all concerned....$10



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