About the Reiki 4 Kids Class


A reiki class designed for kids. What a better gift for a child than the ability to heal.

In this class we will learn reiki at level kids can understand. We will play energy games and make reiki fun.

At the end of class and attunement they will be able to heal themselves and others.

Children love reiki and embrace it immediately. Reiki is a tool of empowerment. Children with Reiki are more confident they can handle a stomach ache or a banged knee, learning easily about helping themselves and others.


Teen students find Reiki invaluable for exam stress and sports injuries. Reiki is one thing that is always there for teens to help them with whatever their particular needs are.


We teach short, age appropriate classes which are fun and instructive for the child. We teach children as early as they show an interest in learning.


Parents are welcome to stay and learn as well.