About The Animal Reiki Workshop

Reiki works well with animals for the same reasons it works well on children and people of all ages. Have you ever noticed that when you pet an animal, he rolls over to receive more or looks at you with lovey-dovey eyes or sighs?

Animals respond to your loving touch and intention. Reiki is another way to help your animals feel better.

You can give Reiki to animals in the following situations:

When they are ill: Reiki helps the healing process and works with any type of medical intervention.

When they are young or old: You can use Reiki on an animal of any age or situation.

When they have been through a trauma: Animals can use loving energy after they've experienced any type of abuse, loss, or move, or if they seem to exhibit depression or other behavioral disorder. Even if you don't know what the problem is, you can use Reiki to help.

We'll also learn how to connect with our pets psychically. They send us information all the time, lets finally listen.

Class is given for a donation of your choice

Usual donation for this workshop $30

You're welcome to bring your friendly pet with you.

Email kerri_draper@hotmail.com to sign up.

Class dates 2024

 July 31  7-8:30