Enjoy reiki at your home or office

Need Reiki but can't come to us. Huntington Beach Reiki now comes to your home or office

Due to covid, we will not be offering this service at this time.

Huntington Beach Reiki has specially trained and certified practitioners. The practitioner’s hands are placed above or on the body and "healing energy" is transmitted. The practitioner will have you lie on a table. The room will be very relaxing. With music and aromatherapy. You will remain fully clothed during the entire session. Many people report feeling a sense of warmth and relaxation during Reiki sessions. Reiki sessions generally last for about 60 minutes each. Reiki provides the same benefits as traditional massage.

All practitioners will bring there own massage table and supplies. Reiki sessions generally last  about 60 minutes each. All you need to do is relax and enjoy the healing. Afterward we will take time to talk about your session.

Reiki sessions include

Balance energy centers (chakras, 3 diamonds)  
Clear energy lines
Clear and balance aura
Cut cords
Seal all rips, tears, and cracks in aura
Blood circulation technique
Align hips and pelvis
Align occipital ridge

Reiki session cost is $90 

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