While I was working as the urban Zen Clinical Coordinator at UCLA (mentoring the staff training there), a Respiratory Therapist in the program took me into the Neo Natal Unit where there was a tiny, premature baby in an isolation tent, connected to the monitors and life support equipment. She was able to open the 'tent ' up but couldn't touch the infant, so held her hands (she was attuned to Reiki I as part of the program) about 2 inches above her. When she started the treatment, the Oxygen intake was reading 46% - within 5 minutes it had risen to 68%, along with significant decreases in Heart and Respiratory Rates. This  was the most dramatic change in Vital Signs I saw whilst working there, but the forms I asked the UZIT's (Urban Zen Integrative Therapists) to fill out before and after their treatments showed changes in the monitors time after time. Aside from the beauty of the comfort  for a little being in such isolation what struck me about this scene is there can be no possibility of 'power of suggestion' in this interaction; simply connection.

Story by Huntington Beach Reiki member: John