was doing Reiki on a friend who has never had Reiki before. She was on the table and I started scanning her body. I also put a few crystals on her chakras that felt deficient. I feft a heat/tingling sensation on the top of her crown and third eye. I gave her some Reiki. I continued the scanning and giving Reiki for another 30 minutes or so. She told me after the session that her left ankle was operated on a few years ago. It has 2 screws in it. She said at one point she felt a sensation on that ankle and thought I was giving it Reiki near the area. She told me that I was near her head and yet she still felt a sensation near her ankle. I told her the Reiki is going to go where your body needs it most. She was blown away." 

Story By Huntington Beach Reiki Member: Jenna