We had a family of skunks move under our porch. We thought they were so cute we started feeding them. We would watch them come out every night and eat. It was great until they started bring their friends. I mean a lot of friends. So we started trapping them and releasing them in the river bed. They were pretty easy to trap. Every morning I would go out and place a towel over the trap. That way I wouldn't get sprayed and the skunk would feel more secure. The skunks would just lay there and let me do it.

Then one morning I came out to a very agitated and aggressive skunk. He was pacing and trying to get out. He wouldn't let me anywhere near the trap. I didn't know what to do. I had to get him to the river bed. Then I thought of Reiki. I started beaming Reiki at him and within a minute he became calm and went to sleep. I was then able to throw the towel over him and release him. I was amazed