When I first met JoAnne she was emotionally drained, felt out of control and in a lot of pain. She had recurrent metastatic breast cancer. The doctors weren’t optimistic and gave her about 2 months to live. The first day of reiki made a remarkable difference. Her emotional state was much better and her pain was greatly diminished. We decided on once to twice a week sessions. She never missed a day.  She would come in fatigued and in pain. She’d leave with energy and feeling good. A year later we were still battling the disease and became best friends.

JoAnne taught me so much that year. I got to see first hand the wonders of Reiki. I also learned that reiki can’t cure or save everyone, no matter how much you want it to. Everyone has their path. Reiki can make it better, but can’t completely change it.

The 13th month was the end of the battle. Towards the end JoAnne was too sick to come to me, so I went to her house. Her little dog Brian would sit and watch making sure I took good care of his mommy.

One day I came and could tell she was at the end. Physically and energetically she had changed. I find that when someone is getting close to transitioning, their energy field has leaks all over. You can see their energy leaving the body very quickly. This was happening in JoAnne case. I remember driving home crying. I knew I would lose a friend soon. The next time I came over her son met me at the door to tell me she was in the hospital. I went over immediately. We talked for awhile. She did not want to die in the hospital, so hospice was called in. They would get her house ready and transfer her there that night. The other important thing we talked about was her dog Brian. She asked if I would take him. I said yes, he’d be loved just like my two other dogs. And he is..  We hugged and I told her I’d see her tomorrow. Little did I know that would be the last time I talked to her.

When I got there the next day she was completely unresponsive and in multi system failure. I sat with her and talked and gave reiki. There were times when you could see stress on her face and she would moan from pain. As soon as I’d place my hands on her and let the reiki flow, she would become calm again. I did this until the end. I believe the reiki help tremendously with her transition.

JoAnne was always so grateful for the reiki and wished she could do something for me. We made a deal. When she transitioned she would become one of my guides and help with my reiki sessions. And she does.