Nevada was found abandoned in a backyard in Riverside.  He had been the victim of abusive individuals who were training him to be used as a charro horse.  Their training methods included beating his legs with chains in order to make him do the Spanish walk and to piaffe on command. When he was rescued by Hanaeleh horse rescue he was very timid and distrusting of humans. He would bite and run away from people.  I decided I would try and give him reiki. Yes he tried to bite me at first, but once I placed my hand on his forehead, he became very calm and completely relaxed.  He enjoyed the reiki so much that he would follow me wherever I went. At other times he’d butte the other horse out of the way so he could get the energy. After the first visit he was always waiting and ready to get his share. Hanaeleh has found a great home for him and he is doing well.