Makoto was my very first client. I was a level 1 reiki practitioner and ready to help. Makoto was a husky with end stage lung cancer. He couldn't sleep or go for walks do to pain and discomfort. He wasn't eating and was having a hard time just getting around his home. I started giving him reiki and he eagerly pulled it in. The next day I came back and his owner was so happy. Makoto was actually able to sleep that night. After the second day he started getting back some of his energy. He even went out into the backyard to lay in the sun. After the third day he was able to go on his normal walk and see and say goodbye to all his friends. The reiki also helped his family deal with his illness and be able to say goodbye.

Animals are great at letting you know what needs healing. Makoto was no different. Every time I gave him reiki he would lay his neck and jaw in my hands.Test revealed the cancer had spread to his throat as well. After five days straight of giving him reiki, he and his family were ready to say goodbye. I went with them to offer Makoto reiki while he was put to sleep. Makoto let me lay next to him with my arms around his body. ( something his owners said he never let anyone do) It was very peaceful.

I know the story is sad, but Makoto got to spend his last week without pain and discomfort and was able to say goodbye. This would not have happened without Reiki