I recently got a new hospice patient. She was at end stage colon cancer and in a lot of physical and emotional pain. The first day she asked me if reiki could make her die quicker. She was ready to go and didn’t want anyone to see her this way. Even her daughter was not able to see her that day.. I gave her reiki with the intent that her passing would be quick. She was very sick and emotional. I came the next day and what a difference. She had the nurses get her up and put on her make-up and wig. She looked great. That day was her day of saying good bye. The next day she was in the dying process, but still in a lot of pain and emotional distress. When I got there she was moaning and thrashing about. As soon as I started channeling reiki she became clam. The next day was the same. She passed away later that day in peace. I wasn’t sure how much help I was until after. The nurses and social worker were in amazement at how well reiki worked and stated that it made a huge difference.