I found out about reiki in an unusual way, and since my discovery I have been helped by it in so many ways.It was such a coincidence when i saw your business card tacked to the wooden bridge behind our house.  at first i thought it was my own card because it had the exact same picture on it, and i couldn't figure out how one of my cards  ended up on the bridge.  after i read the message about reiki on it, i had to find out more about and came to one of your reiki I workshops.  after that i was hooked.   not only do i love the peace that reiki brings, i enjoyed meeting  all the wonderful people, healers and people seeking to be healed. it was wonderful to learn that i could use reiki on myself and it helped me a lot .  then i was diagnosed with cancer and i'm sure that reiki, administered by you and other healers, helped me endure chemo, radiation, and numerous surgeries.  i know that my body tolerated chemo and radiation with almost no lasting side effects, but the greatest blessing was that it took away the fear.  it's been more than 2 years since reiki supplemented my cancer treatment.  my doctors are pretty much amazed how healthy i am now.  especially my oncologist is very open to alternative treatments as supplements to her regular cancer treatments.

Story by Huntington Beach Reiki member: Gabi