Offering Reiki to cancer survivors or people going through cancer treatments has shown its benefits as a support for stress management and as complementary care. Visualizing pain or the disease can be a great liberator. I had this striking experience with a patient at Free Reiki 4 Cancer Clinic. Two of us were giving Reiki to a patient when she started experiencing tension - we could see and feel the tension in her chest -- she was shaking and deep breathing. We both held her arms on each side and a third practitioner joined to hold her feet and stabilize the energy. Once the session was over and she open her eyes, she told her what she experienced and the circumstances. She had felt anxiety in recent days about her illness. During the Reiki session, she felt this pressure on her chest - and visually saw a black mass - then she saw this black mass expending up her chest and leaving through her arms. Energy has its mysterious ways to travel in and out of us. Reiki is an intelligent energy and act as a vehicle to improve our well-being.

Story by Huntington Beach Reiki Member: Nadine