I came to Reiki by accident - if there's such thing. I was searching...obviously for my own energy. Most of my life i was borderline hyperactive and at some point hyperactivity takes a toll on you: exhaustion with all its consequences: lack of concentration, of motivation etc...So i was aware something needed to change in my operating mode. So Reiki came at the perfect time to explore my own energy and discover a strong body-mind connection. Needless to say -- it was a revelation: i use it as a meditation, as a strong physical connection and i share it with others which is always been top on my priority list. So "taming" my energy and connecting with others' has brought me inner peace, a quality of attention and has led me to a transformation. This transformation helped me understand not to be afraid or conflicted about my own energy -- but to channel it and contribute to my and others' well-being.

Story by HB Reiki member Nadine